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Journal of Instrumentation-MiniPIX Timepix3 Flex 表征FLASH电子束产生的杂散辐射

2022-06-22 15:42:03 Karida
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这项工作旨在使用混合像素X射线探测器来表征超高剂量脉冲 (UHDpulse) 电子束。使用Timepix3 (TPX3) ASIC 芯片测量来自脉冲 15–23 MeV 电子束产生的二次辐射场的组成、空间、时间和光谱特性。面临的挑战是需要开发一款紧凑型探测器,可以在这种高通量短脉冲场上提取光谱和剂量信息。对于二次光束测量,将厚度为 1 和 8 cm 的 PMMA 板放置在电子束前面,脉冲持续时间为 3.5 µs。作者将 Timepix3 探测器(使用100 和 500 µm 厚度的硅sensor)放置在移动台上,在光束轴的各个横向位置采集数据。在 FLEXI 配置中使用探测器可实现适当的原位测量和最小的自屏蔽。初步结果证明了该探测器具有测量以短脉冲形式传递的电子束的单个 UHD 脉冲的能力。此外,使用每个像素的两条信号链可以在混合辐射场中估计距束芯不同距离处的粒子通量和散射剂量率 (DR)。

Stray radiation produced in FLASH electron beams characterized by the MiniPIX Timepix3 Flex detector

This work aims to characterize ultra-high dose rate pulses (UHDpulse) electron beams using the hybrid semiconductor pixel detector. The Timepix3 (TPX3) ASIC chip was used to measure the composition, spatial, time, and spectral characteristics of the secondary radiation fields from pulsed 15–23 MeV electron beams. The challenge is to develop a single compact detector that could extract spectrometric and dosimetric information on such high flux short-pulsed fields. For secondary beam measurements, PMMA plates of 1 and 8 cm thickness were placed in front of the electron beam, with a pulse duration of 3.5 µs. Timepix3 detectors with silicon sensors of 100 and 500 µm thickness were placed on a shifting stage allowing for data acquisition at various lateral positions to the beam axis. The use of the detector in FLEXI configuration enables suitable measurements in-situ and minimal self-shielding. Preliminary results highlight both the technique and the detector's ability to measure individual UHDpulses of electron beams delivered in short pulses. In addition, the use of the two signal chains per-pixel enables the estimation of particle flux and the scattered dose rates (DRs) at various distances from the beam core, in mixed radiation fields.

原文信息:Oancea, C., et al. "Stray radiation produced in FLASH electron beams characterized by the MiniPIX Timepix3 Flex detector." Journal of Instrumentation 17.01 (2022): C01003.

文中使用的是来自捷克Advacam公司的光子计数、混合像素X射线探测器 (点击了解详情)