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PLoS One-肺转移瘤血管生成机制的X光光栅相衬成像-X射线光栅

2022-06-15 15:25:06 Cavan
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目的:评估基于光栅的相衬成像 (GPI) 技术在不使用造影剂的情况下研究裸 BALB/c 小鼠的肿瘤血管生成机制的可行性。


方法:将中分化胃癌细胞株SGC-7901注入裸鼠尾静脉,建立了人胃癌肺转移模型。将样品浸入 10% 福尔马林悬浮液中并在成像前干燥。在上海同步辐射装置 (SSRF) 的 BL13W 光束线上获得了基于光栅的 X 射线相位衬度图像,并与组织切片进行了比较。


结果:在没有造影剂的情况下,基于光栅的 X 射线相位衬度成像仍能以高空间分辨率区分转移性肿瘤内的血管生成。小至几十微米的血管显示出与周围肿瘤不同的灰度值,这使得它们很容易被识别。在影像学研究中描绘的血管与组织病理学中发现的血管相似,无论是大小还是形状。


结论:我们的初步研究表明,基于光栅的 X 射线相位衬度成像具有描绘肺转移灶血管生成的潜力。


Grating-Based Phase-Contrast Imaging of Tumor Angiogenesis in Lung Metastases


Purpose: To assess the feasibility of the grating-based phase-contrast imaging (GPI) technique for studying tumor angiogenesis in nude BALB/c mice, without contrast agents.


Methods: We established lung metastatic models of human gastric cancer by injecting the moderately differentiated SGC-7901 gastric cancer cell line into the tail vein of nude mice. Samples were embedded in a 10% formalin suspension and dried before imaging. Grating-based X-ray phase-contrast images were obtained at the BL13W beamline of the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF) and compared with histological sections.

Results: Without contrast agents, grating-based X-ray phase-contrast imaging still differentiated angiogenesis within metastatic tumors with high spatial resolution. Vessels, down to tens of microns, showed gray values that were distinctive from those of the surrounding tumors, which made them easily identifiable. The vessels depicted in the imaging study were similar to those identified on histopathology, both in size and shape.

Conclusions: Our preliminary study demonstrates that grating-based X-ray phase-contrast imaging has the potential to depict angiogenesis in lung metastases.

文章链接:Lin, Huimin, et al. "Grating-based phase-contrast imaging of tumor angiogenesis in lung metastases." PloS one 10.3 (2015): e0121438.