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用于动态材料混合实验的 X 射线相衬成像方法-X射线光栅

2022-06-16 14:12:58 Cavan
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用于动态材料混合实验的 X 射线相衬成像方法

摘要:用于密度分布测量的基于透射光栅的射线相衬成像已经开发并测试用于动态实验应用。Talbot-Lau X射线偏转测量法是一种除衰减和超小角度散射之外的测量 X 射线折射的新方法,最近已开发用于静态成像,主要用于医疗和工业应用。为了从快速演化的系统中获得密度分布,我们必须使用光斑尺寸远大于使用连续微聚焦源的静态成像系统的闪光X射线源,而且我们只能获得一次曝光。解决了从单幅图像、低空间分辨率系统测量两种混合元素的电子密度分布的挑战,并在 2018 财年末到2019年财年初,在气体发射器上进行了首次动态实验并得到了初步结果。在2019 财年,我们设计并建造了一款专为雷管实验设计的新型偏转计,以测试新技术以提高诊断的灵敏度和可靠性。

X-Ray Phase Contrast Imaging for Dynamic Material Mix Experiments


X-ray phase contrast imaging with transmission gratings for density profile measurements has been developed and tested for dynamic experimental applications. Talbot-Lau x-ray deflectometry is a new method of measuring x-ray refraction in addition to attenuation and ultrasmall-angle scattering that has recently been developed for static imaging, primarily for medical and industrial applications. To obtain density profiles from fast-evolving systems, we must use a flash x-ray source with a spot size much larger than the continuous microfocus sources of static imaging systems, and we can obtain only a single exposure. The challenges to measuring electron density profiles of two mixed elements from a single-image, low spatial resolution system are addressed, and initial results from the first dynamic experiments with one such system, conducted on a gas launcher at the end of FY 2018 and beginning of FY 2019, are presented. In FY 2019, we designed and built a new deflectometer designed for detonator experiments to test new techniques to improve the sensitivity and reliability of the diagnostic.

文章链接: Clayton, Daniel J., et al. X-Ray Phase Contrast Imaging for Dynamic Material Mix Experiments, LAO-003-17, Year 3 of 3. No. DOE/NV/03624-1009. Nevada National Security Site (NNSS), North Las Vegas, NV (United States), 2021.