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Company Brief

Incoatec was founded in 2002 by scientists as a spin-off of the GKSS Research Center in Geesthacht near Hamburg (today Helmholtz Center hereon GmbH) together with Bruker AXS in Karlsruhe, one of the leading manufacturers of X-ray Analytic Systems worldwide. Incoatec develops, produces and supplies components for X-ray analytical systems. These components include optics, mirrors, and microfocus sources for applications in x-ray diffraction, x-ray scattering, and x-ray spectrometry. Incoatec offer solutions for chemistry, pharmacy, semiconductor industry, heavy industry, life science and nanotechnology, enabling our customers to make better use of their resources and improve their results. Using extensive know-how in thin film technology together with in-house mechanical and electronic workshops, Incoatec are able to provide reliable, efficient and environment-friendly products: Made in Germany.


Test the Best

  • 30 W air-cooled sealed tube (Cr, Cu, Mo,Ag)

  • 3 years warranty

  • New Quazar optics for 2D focussing or collimating

  • Stable beam in flux and position, long lifetime, no maintenance

IµS stands for "Incoatec Microfocus Source". It consists of a 30 W microfocus sealed tube with high brilliance and a high-performance 2D focussing or collimating Quazar multilayer mirror. IµS is available for Cr-Kα, Cu-Kα, Mo-Kαand Ag-Kα radiation and gives you a performance beyond traditional 5 kW rotating anode sources, with the ease of handling of sealed tube systems.

The IµS offers numerous benefits:

  • no moving parts

  • long lifetime without maintenance

  • extremely stable

  • short warm-up time

  • no water cooling

  • easy tube replacement

  • easy adaptable to all common goniometers

  • low cost of ownership, comparable to common sealed tubes

  • IµS is powered by a small generator unit which easily fits into a 19 inch rack, and can be delivered with a collimator system. The complete system is radiation safe and vacuum tested.

IµS is available with many accessories and various service packages:

Accessories & services

  • Alignment tools (motors, beam monitors)

  • Flexible service packages up to "total care service"

  • Picture gallery

  • The compact design makes the IµS an attractive component for many academic and industrial materials research organizations to upgrade their existing X-ray analytical instruments to cutting-edge performance.


Technical details IµS

Length238 mm
Height275 mm
Width60 mm
Weight6.6 kg

Technical details generator

Generator 19 inch
High voltage≤ 50 kV
Current≤ 650 µA
Power≤ 30 W
Weight8.5 kg


Since its introduction in 2006, the IµS defines the gold-standard for microfocus X-ray sources used for a large variety of applications in biology, chemistry, physics and material science, such as


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