Table-top XAS system

hiXAS integrated XAFS solution

Introductionslab-based turn-key EXAFS and XANES systemsynchrotron-quality spectravery high signal to noise ratiowide bandpass of up to 1keVhiXAS offers a complete lab-based solution for Extended X-ray

  • Model: hiXAS


  • lab-based turn-key EXAFS and XANES system

  • synchrotron-quality spectra

  • very high signal to noise ratio

  • wide bandpass of up to 1keV

hiXAS offers a complete lab-based solution for Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (EXAFS) and X-ray Absorption Near Edge Structure (XANES) measurements. In a compact footprint, it integrates x-ray tube source, high-resolution spectrometer, and hybrid detector together with a software suite to control instrument functions and analyze data.Spectra quality is on par with synchrotron measurements, so that tedious applying and waiting for beamtime is no longer necessary.

The x-ray tube source and spectrometer cover the energy range 5 to 12 keV, thus including the K absorption edges of 3d-transition metals. The optimized HAPG von Hamos architecture of the spectrometer yields an extremely high signal-to-noise ratio. As a consequence, the analyte concentration can be as low as a few weight percent. The instrument combines high efficiency with high spectral resolving power of up to E/ΔE = 4000, constant over the range of the covered absorption edges.

Customized versions of hiXAS are available.


  • chemical state analysis for geology, biology, materials research

  • information on atomic distances, oxidation state, coordination number

  • analysis of K-absorption edges of 3d-transition metals