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Top-Unistar  Science & Technology Co., Ltd is committed to bringing high-end analytical instrument and other new technology product and professional, timely local service to China Synchrotron facilities, Institutes, universities and high-end manufacturing customers. With the principle of professionalism, dedication and hard work, we continuously rich our knowledge and keep an eye on the technical development.

As the agent of greateyes(Germany), Microworks(Germany),optiXfab(Germany), ADVACAM (Czech), RITE (Czech), CACTUX(Czech), XOS-X-Ray Optics & Sources(USA), SIRIUS(Germany), HP-Spectroscopy(Germany), KA Imaging(Canada) and MSI (UK), our product line includes source, Optics and detector, system and Glow discharge mass spectrometer. Besides we enable the capability of providing customers with solutions. In 2016, we launched A tabletop laser-driven X-ray source--FemtoX II with independent intellectual property rights through technical innovation, featuring ultra-fine, super bright, high signal-to-noise ratio and high stability. It is meaningful for the application on material ultra-fast process and fine resolution imaging research.