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Top-Unistar  Science & Technology Co., Ltd is committed to bringing high-end EUV/X-ray products and other new technology product and professional, timely local service to China Synchrotron facilities, Institutes, universities and high-end manufacturing customers. With the principle of professionalism, dedication and hard work, we continuously rich our knowledge and keep an eye on the development and research in EUV/SXR/X-ray field.

As the agent of greateyes(Germany), Microworks(Germany),optiXfab(Germany), ADVACAM (Czech), RITE (Czech), CACTUX(Czech), XOS-X-Ray Optics & Sources(USA), SIRIUS(Germany), HP-Spectroscopy(Germany), ISTEQ-TEUS(Netherlands),  KA Imaging(Canada) and MSI (UK), our product line includes X-ray/EUV source, EUV/SXR/X-ray Optics and EUV/SXR/X-ray detector,  EUV/X-ray system and Glow discharge mass spectrometer. Besides we enable the capability of providing customers with EUV/X-ray solutions. In 2016, we launched A tabletop laser-driven X-ray source--FemtoX II with independent intellectual property rights through technical innovation, featuring ultra-fine, super bright, high signal-to-noise ratio and high stability. It is meaningful for the application on material ultra-fast process and fine resolution imaging research.