HPC Detector for X-RAY


Modular High Speed Camera

  • Model: AdvaPIX series



imaging detector is designed with emphasis on fast frame rate, which goes up to 1700 frames/s. The camera module contains a single Timepix chip that can be connected to a computer with USB3.0 interface. The sustainable high frame rate makes it optimal for X-ray imaging of dynamic processes, for spectral X-ray imaging or ion detection. Advanced data processing algorithms allow ion detection with spatial super-resolution of up to 200 nm.


can be used in a variety of applications, such as fast radiography (X-rays, neutrons, ions), spectroscopic imaging (each pixel records the energy spectrum), particle tracking or Time-of-flight imaging. The sensor type and thickness can be customized and sensors can be also adapted for neutron imaging by deposition of a converter layer (6LiF). The spatial resolution, in some applications (thermal neutrons), can reach units of microns or even submicrometric level (ions).

Main Technical Features

  • Sensor Material: Si or CdTe

  • Sensor Thickness: 100 μm, 300 μm and 500 μm for Si; 1 mm for CdTe

  • Sensitive Area: 14 mm x 14 mm

  • Time Resolution: 1.6 ns

  • Readout Speed: 40 Million hits/s

  • Number of Pixels: 256 x 256

  • Pixel Pitch: 55 μm

  • Energy Resolution: 1 keV

  • Min Detectable Energy: 3 keV for X-rays
  • Readout Chip: Timepix3
  • Pixel Mode of Operation: Time-over-Threshold, Time-of -Arrival
  • Connectivity: USB 3.0 (Super-Speed)
  • Weight: 503 g
  • Dimensions: 125 mm x 79 mm x 25.5 mm
  • Software: Pixet Pro


  • X-ray imaging、Neutron imaging

  • Compton camera


advapix tpx datasheet.pdf