XUV/VUV/X-ray spectrometer

highLIGHT high-resolution spectrometer

Company BriefHP Spectroscopy, founded in 2012, is a leading developer and global supplier of scientific instrumentation.The product lines include spectroscopy tools, detector solutions, and beamline i

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Company Brief

HP Spectroscopy, founded in 2012, is a leading developer and global supplier of scientific instrumentation.

The product lines include spectroscopy tools, detector solutions, and beamline instrumentation. HP Spectroscopy deliver cutting-edge products to customers in academia and industry worldwide. HP take pride in the customization of all our products to deliver the best solution for each application.

HP Spectroscopy's team consists of experts in the fields of spectroscopy, grating design, plasma physics, beamline technology, and X-ray technology, as well as mechanical, electronics, and software engineers. At HP, they combine over 70 years of expertise in spectroscopy.


highLIGHT high-resolution spectrometer

  • flat-field grazing-incidence spectrometer

  • best-in-class spectral resolution

  • wavelength range from 1 to 100 nm

  • high-efficiency no-slit mode

highLIGHT offers the highest spectral resolution in convenient flat-field configuration on the market. Resolution of 0.006nm or better combined with wide single-shot wavelength coverage. highLIGHT can be used with or without entrance slit.

Its modular design features an integrated slit holder and filter insertion unit, as well as a motorized grating positioning.

Detector options include both XUV CCDs for highest resolution and dynamic range, and MCP/CMOS detectors for broadest wavelength coverage and gated / intensified detection. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Customized derivatives of our highLIGHT spectrometer are also available.

No-slit design

The proprietary spectrometer design by HP spectroscopy uses direct source imaging. Consequently, a narrow entrance slit is not needed and light collection is maximized. Comparing with traditional spectrometer architectures, a factor of 20 more light reaches the spectrometer detector. The architecture also greatly increases day-to-day operation robustness.


Spectrum of the 9th and the 11th harmonic of a frequency-doubled Yb-doped fiber laser system (334kHz, 90uJ,<300fs) measured with highLIGHT XUV. The spectral bandwidth of the harmonics is ∼20 meV FWHM, which corresponds to a relative energy bandwidth of ΔE/E = 7.5E-4.

V. Hilbert et al, A compact, turnkey, narrow-bandwidth, tunable,
and high-photon-flux extreme ultraviolet source

AIP Advances 10, 045227 (2020)

Emission spectroscopy measurement of nitrogen line at 2.88nm (430eV, transition 1s2-1s2p) with highLIGHT SXR+. The FWHM is 1.7 pixels of the CCD camera (13um pixel size), resulting in a resolving power of 1890. The detector-limited resolving power is 3290.

data courtesy of Dr. K. Mann, Laser-Laboratorium Göttingen