Table-top XAS system

proXAS table-top NEXAFS system

Introductionsfirst integrated NEXAFS spectroscopy solutionno need to apply for beamtimechemical state analysis for geology, biology, materials researchsynchrotron-quality spectraproXAS is the first sy

  • Model: proXAS


  • first integrated NEXAFS spectroscopy solution

  • no need to apply for beamtime

  • chemical state analysis for geology, biology, materials research

  • synchrotron-quality spectra

proXAS is the first system on the market to offer NEXAFS measurements in a laboratory. Fingerprinting for element analysis is now possible in-house with fast and accurate results.

It combines a highly-reliable laser-based XUV source and a customized spectrometer with an extremely high resolving power of 1900. The energy range 200-1200eV allows for measurements at the K-edge of elements such as C, N, O, Ca, K, Ti.

Customized versions of proXAS are available.


  • analysis of organic materials, e.g. lipid membranes, humicacids, polymer films, especially at carbon K-absorption edge

  • surface-sensitive chemical analysis of C, N, O, Ca, K, Ti