Table-top XAS system

proXAS table-top NEXAFS system

Introductionsfirst integrated NEXAFS spectroscopy solutionno need to apply for beamtimechemical state analysis for geology, biology, materials researchsynchrotron-quality spectraproXAS is the first sy

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Company Brief

HP Spectroscopy, founded in 2012, is a leading developer and global supplier of scientific instrumentation.

The product lines include spectroscopy tools, detector solutions, and beamline instrumentation. HP Spectroscopy deliver cutting-edge products to customers in academia and industry worldwide. HP take pride in the customization of all our products to deliver the best solution for each application.

HP Spectroscopy's team consists of experts in the fields of spectroscopy, grating design, plasma physics, beamline technology, and X-ray technology, as well as mechanical, electronics, and software engineers. At HP, they combine over 70 years of expertise in spectroscopy.


  • first integrated NEXAFS spectroscopy solution

  • no need to apply for beamtime

  • chemical state analysis for geology, biology, materials research

  • synchrotron-quality spectra

proXAS is the first system on the market to offer NEXAFS measurements in a laboratory. Fingerprinting for element analysis is now possible in-house with fast and accurate results.

It combines a highly-reliable laser-based XUV source and a customized spectrometer with an extremely high resolving power of 1900. The energy range 200-1200eV allows for measurements at the K-edge of elements such as C, N, O, Ca, K, Ti.

Customized versions of proXAS are available.

Elemental range

Range of elements accessible for table-top NEXAFS measurements

The range of elements accessible to proXAS for NEXAFS measurements includes the K-absorption edges of C, N, O, F, as well as the L-edges of K, Ca, Ti, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu.

Even diluted samples with analyte concentrations of only 0.2 wt% can be measured.


NEXAFS sample spectrum goethite hematite

NEXAFS spectrum at the oxygen K-edge of the oxide minerals goethite, hematite, ferrihydrite, and CCa-2 chlorite.

(1) measured with the table-top NEXAFS system, measurement time 5min

(2) NEXAFS spectrum recorded at a synchrotron for comparison

Peak positions deviate by less than 0.06% in energy, underlining the excellent agreement of proXAS measurements with synchrotron data.

NEXAFS sample spectrum carbon K-edge polyimide 1

NEXAFS sample spectrum carbon K-edge polyimide 2

NEXAFS spectrum at the carbon K-edge of PMDA-ODA polyimide.

(1) measured with the table-top NEXAFS system, measurement time 2.5min

(2) NEXAFS spectrum recorded at a synchrotron for comparison

All spectral features, corresponding to transitions of the benzene rings are clearly resolved.


  • Surface science

  • Chemical state analysis in geochemistry

  • Electronic structure and oxidation state analysis




  • analysis of organic materials, e.g. lipid membranes, humicacids, polymer films, especially at carbon K-absorption edge

  • surface-sensitive chemical analysis of C, N, O, Ca, K, Ti