HPC Detector for X-RAY

WidePIX ®10x10

Technical Specs Sensor Material: Silicon Sensor Thickness: 300 μm, 500 μm and 675 μm Sensitive Area: 143mm X 143 mm Readout Speed: 10 frames/s&nb

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Technical Specs
 Sensor Material: Silicon
 Sensor Thickness: 300 μm, 500 μm and 675 μm
 Sensitive Area: 143mm X 143 mm
 Readout Speed: 10 frames/s
 Connectivity: USB 2.0 
 Number of Pixels: 2560 X 2560
 Pixel Pitch: 55 μm
 Pixel Mode of Operation: Counting, Time-over-Threshold, Time-of -Arrival
 Minimum Detectable Energy: 5 keV for X-rays
 Threshoid Step Resolution: 0.1 keV
 Energy Resolution: 0.8 keV (THL) and 2 keV (ToT)
 Pixel Photon Counting Speed: 1e5 photons/s/pixel
 Readout Chip: Timepix
 Resolution: 9 lp/mm
 Weight: 8 kg
 Dimensions: 320 mm x 215 mm x 40 mm (L x W x H)
 Software: Pixet and Pixelman