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2013-12-06 10:23:13

EnSpectr is engaged into development of solutions for gemological and mineralogical studies since company’s foundation. In a partnership with Gemological Expert Center at Moscow State University we have created the most accurate Raman spectra database for gems and minerals, which we continue to extend. Nowadays EnSpectr supplies Raman equipment optimized for each specific need of a gemologist, reaching precise focusing, utmost mobility and maximum functionality at various devices. Check the new materials relating to gemology & mineralogy:

On November 20th Enhanced Spectrometry took part in a free Raman spectroscopy workshop in Vienna organized with the support of Austrian Gemological Society in its President and Advisor Prof. Leopold Rössler, and PRIN laboratory. The presentation was followed by test measurements of gems’ samples brought by attendees. With a great pleasure we admit a very positive feedback received from participants, and cordially thank PRIN laboratory and Mr. Josef Guttman for perfect organization.

For your reference we publish the presentation from the workshop and the text of report. If you would like to organize an application-orientated Raman spectroscopy workshop at your place, and present EnSpectr Raman solutions, we are open for discussions.