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Top-unistar Join Hands with HP Spectroscopy

2021-06-01 13:28:01 Karida

We are very pleased to announce that we have established cooperation relationship with HP Spectroscopy.

HP spectroscopy, founded in 2012, is a leading developer and global supplier of scientific instrumentation, delivering cutting-edge products and best solution to customers in academia and industry worldwide. Product lines include spectroscopy tools, detector solutions, beamline instrumentation and XAS system. The team consists of experts in the fields of spectroscopy, grating design, plasma physics, beamline technology, and X-ray technology, as well as mechanical, electronics, and software engineers.

As the exclusive distributor of HP Spectroscopy’s XAS (X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy) system, top-unistar are fully responsible for its pre-sales, technical support, and after-sales service support etc. in China.

Top-unistar will continually develop and constantly enrich the product line, to provide customers with more professional technical services and support.

If you are interested in XAS system, as well as other products of HPS, please do not hesitate to contact us.