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Company Brief

Incoatec was founded in 2002 by scientists as a spin-off of the GKSS Research Center in Geesthacht near Hamburg (today Helmholtz Center hereon GmbH) together with Bruker AXS in Karlsruhe, one of the leading manufacturers of X-ray Analytic Systems worldwide. Incoatec develops, produces and supplies components for X-ray analytical systems. These components include optics, mirrors, and microfocus sources for applications in x-ray diffraction, x-ray scattering, and x-ray spectrometry. Incoatec offer solutions for chemistry, pharmacy, semiconductor industry, heavy industry, life science and nanotechnology, enabling our customers to make better use of their resources and improve their results. Using extensive know-how in thin film technology together with in-house mechanical and electronic workshops, Incoatec are able to provide reliable, efficient and environment-friendly products: Made in Germany.


Montel optics - 2D multilayer mirrors for X-ray diffractometry

In the fifties, M. Montel first introduced an optical scheme for 2D X-ray focusing or collimating with two mirrors mounted side by side and mutually perpendicular. Incoatec’s Montel optics consists of two optical surfaces that are coated with laterally graded multilayers. The mirrors either have an elliptical shape for 2D focusing or a parabolic shape for 2D collimating. In a hybrid Montel optic an elliptical and a parabolic mirror are combined in the Montel scheme resulting in a rectangular beam shape.

Features and Benefits

  • High brightness

  • Symmetrical beam properties (size, divergence) in 2D

  • Very clean spectrum due to twofold monochromatization (double-bounce optics)

  • Easy to align


Incoatec’s portfolio of X-ray optics includes the Montel-200 and Montel-p optics as the „classics”. The Helios optics are the ultimate optics optimized for rotating anode systems and are implemented in X-ray instruments made by Bruker AXS. They can easily be attached to any rotating anode system as an upgrade. The Quazar optics are the newest kind of Incoatec’s high brillance Montel optics optimized for the Incoatec Microfocus Source IμS and IμSHigh Brilliance. Besides our standard types, we offer customized optics for nearly all kinds of applications.

Advanced analytical and ray-tracing methods are used to optimize the design of customized optics.

Beam shapingLength (mm)Typical magnificationTypical divergence (mrad)
2D focusing60 - 1501 - 2020 - 0.5
2D collimating60 - 100-1 - 0.3
hybrid coll + foc60 - 1505 - 1010 - 2

Summary of parameters of manufactured Montel optics, each optimized to the needs of the application

Incoatec offers Montel optics for

  • 2D focusing, collimating and hybrid beam shaping

  • Cr, Fe, Co, Cu, Mo and Ag radiation

  • Double bounce monochromatization, excellent Kß suppression

  • More than 20 types of standard mirror designs

  • Optics of various focal distances, magnification ratios and divergences


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