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Montel Optics


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X-ray Optics for 2-dimensional beam shaping

It was Marc Montel in Paris who, in the fifties of the 20th century, first introduced a side-by-side optical scheme for 2D focusing or collimating X-rays. According to Montel, two X-ray mirrors are mounted side by side and mutually perpendicular. Montel's scheme overcomes the problem of different magnifications of sequential Kirkpatrick-Baez configurations with the two mutually perpendicular mirrors. Incoatec's Montel optics have two optical surfaces that are coated with laterally graded multilayers (two Göbel Mirrors).

  • 2D focusing, collimating and hybride

  • for Cu, Mo, Co, Cr, Fe and Ag radiation

  • optics with various lengths, focal distances and divergences


Types of Montel optics:

Our classics - Montel-200 and Montel-p:

These are the standard optics for beam shaping. With the Montel-200 the beam is focused onto a spot of 0.3mm FWHM, whereas with the Montel-p the X-rays are collimated. Our knowledge is based on many years of experience in making these mirrors.

The rotating anode optics - Helios:

Helios optics are optimized for rotating anode systems. They are implemented in X-ray instruments made by Bruker AXS, and are available for Cu and Mo radiation.

The IµS optics - Quazar:

The Quazar optics are high brilliance optics that are optimized for the Incoatec Microfocus Souce (IµS). We have developed focusing and collimating Quazar optics with different divergences for applications such as single crystal diffraction, powder diffraction, small angle scattering, and more.

The ultimate performance - MX optics:

The MX optics, optimized to deliver even more intensity to the sample is the latest development in Montel multilayer optics. MX stands for "micro crystals", and produces a smaller spot than regular optics. It is available for Cu radiation, and utilizes an improved coating with higher reflectivity.

Client-specific optics:

We offer client-specific optics for nearly all types of applications. Advanced analytical and ray-tracing methods are used to optimize the design of customized optics. In addition we offer solutions for different kinds of X-ray sources including sealed tubes, rotating anodes and microfocus sources. Optics of various lengths and focal distances enable high intensity and/or low divergency for your applications.



above - single reflection
below - single reflection
left - direct beam
these three parts are shielded

right - double reflection, usable beam




Incoatec has gathered a lot of experience with various applications of 2D Montel optics, such as

Montel optics are easy to align because both single mirrors are already prealigned and bonded together. Montel optics have symmetrical beam properties (size, divergence) in two directions because both mirrors have the same purpose. This is a clear advantage over toroid optics that use only a single reflection (Single-Bounce Mirrors). The double-bounce scheme leads to a twofold monochromatization, and hence to a very clean spectrum.