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Beijing Top-unistar joining hands in Germany Incoatec company attended the 12th national X-ray diffraction convention

2015-11-03 10:46:36
    The meeting was held in Mianyang, Sichuan on 26th 10, 2015. And it was jointly organized by Chinese physical institute X-ray diffraction professional committee, Chinese crystal society powder diffraction professional committee, the national natural science fund committee of engineering and material science, China academy of engineering physics, Beijing institute of silicate, Institute of Physics CAS, International Centre for Diffraction Data and USA. It was held by Material research institute of Institute of Physics CAS. There are numerous domestic and international scholars who are in the field of x-ray diffraction attending this meeting, and they made wonderful and high-quality academy report. Beijing Top-unistar luckily joining hands in Germany Incoatec company attended the 12th national X-ray diffraction convention, and listen to many opinions from experts which are from different subject, in the end, Beijing Top-unistar benefits much. Jörg Wiesmann, the CEO of Incoatec company, also did a wonderful and full-content theme report, and it received good reputation from participants.
    In this meeting, the series product and solution of Incoatec also got some attention. It made us have more communication and interaction with each scholar. At the same time, we got many active advices. We will continually promote the quality of products and services, effectively meet the needs of our users, and solve the problem of customers. We will also provide more professional system program.
                                                                       Live meeting
                                                       Jörg is speaking in the meeting
                                                       Jörg is speaking in the meeting
                          Jörg, the CEO of Incoatec, is taking pictures with our technical team