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Show-up on 2nd symposium on new technology and application of X ray imaging

2018-11-23 13:26:32

Based on the perfect presentation of the first ray imaging symposium, 2nd symposium on new technology and application of X ray imaging was successfully carried out in Hefei on November 3rd – 4th, 2018.  Experts and scholars specializing in this area from all over the country, and each of them showed their wonderful reports in the two days.

The conference focused on many topics including X-ray sources and detectors; X-ray imaging methods and techniques; neutron, proton and gamma ray imaging methods and techniques; application research and etc., inviting well-known experts and scholars from domestic major synchrotron radiation facilities, the China Academy of Engineering Physics, Shanghai University of Science and Technology, and many other national key research institutes. This conference provides a good platform for these scholars to exchange ideas, discuss in-depth and share of radiation imaging technology and the latest research results, which increase a new force to the development of the field.

Top-unistar presents GREATEYES scientific camera; the photo counting technology x-ray detector (imaging) from ADVACAM ( Czech); photon counting detector (diffraction) from X-SPECTRUM(Germany), X-ray source from INCOATEC(Germany), Optical components such as gratings from Microworks(Germany)


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Top-unsitar provides important scientific components as well as the integrated solution for ultra-fast process research, imaging, spectroscopy and imaging. 

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