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Top-Unistar established strategic partnership with Class 5 Photonics from Germany

2017-12-21 09:49:02

Class 5 Photonics is a spin-off company of DESY (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) and Helmholtz Institute Jena, and wins the Start-up Challenge prize organized by OptecNet Deutschland e.V. It provides high power femtosecond lasers based on modular optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification (OPCPA) system. The company commits to research, and manufactures the global-leading scientific research equipment. It became the outstanding cooperator of many famous universities and scientific research institutions for its professional technical and excellent after-sales service.

Through depth communication, the two parties achieve strategic cooperation agreement that Beijing Top-Unistar Science &Technology Co., Ltd. become the only one authorized agent in China on behalf of Class 5 Photonics. So Class 5 Photonics technicians will pass on technical skills to technicians of Top-Unistar and offer support in the future cooperation. On the other hand, Beijing Top-Unistar will inherit the product concept and value of Class 5 Photonics, and take advantages of l local experience and zero distance after-sales service to meet the long-term needs of users. In the joint efforts of both parties, we will provide more satisfactory service for Chinese customers.