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The fourth seminar on novel optoelectronic detection technology and application successfully held in Nanjing

2017-10-30 15:11:05

In recent years, optoelectronic detection technology has become one of the important means of modern information acquisition. Combing with other key technology like laser technology, optical fiber technology and so on, it has not only opened up new horizons in the field of research so that scientific research and technology can be closely combined, but also slowly achieved the transformation of research to production, which plays an significant role in the national economy and people's lives. 

      To meet the needs of science technology development and inheritthe spirit of the last seminar, "the fourth new photoelectric detection technology and application seminar" was successfully held in the October 25th to 26th in Nanjing city as scheduled, aiming to summarize the updated research, new progress, latest achievements and trend of novel optoelectronic detection technology through the exchange of ideas and discussion.

    The meeting was conducted in several parts, from the low level light detection technology, quantum detection technology and spectral detection technology, polarization technology. Many researchers and scholars from all over the country make address on the latest and most cutting-edge optical exploration technology.

    Beijing Top-unistar Science and Technology Co., Ltd. as the sponsor of this seminar participate in the entire seminar. The new idea and innovative thoughts from experts and scholars, and latest trend in optoelectronic technology not only broaden the horizon of our staff, but also but also firm our development goals and confidence in this field.