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Thin films and more


We are prepared for customer-specific solutions:

  • Coatings: Monolayer - Multilayer - Stripe Multilayer - Gradient Multilayer - Depth Graded Multilayer
  • Substrates: Silicon - Fused Silica - Zerodur® - GlidCop ... in different geometries
  • Coating materials: - Metals - Alloys - Ceramics, experience with more than 50 target materials
  • Ultra-homogeneous (< 0.1% on 6'') and long coatings up to 150 cm in length
  • Development of new deposition and process technologies
  • Industrial partner for R & D projects
  • Specialist for X-ray characterization


Deposition Technology

Incoatec produces various kinds of thin films according to customer-specific requirements and all types of X-ray optics. However, our sputtering technologies allow more. We achieve well-defined coatings with high densities and low defects. A special technique during the deposition process enables us to deposit uniform films with homogeneities <0.1% onto 6'' wafers as well as all kinds of gradients. Our multilayers consist of up to several hundred layer pairs. We are able to coat surfaces up to 6 inches in diameter or rectangular surfaces measuring 150x12x12 cm³ - on plane as well as on irregularly shaped substrates.

Characterization of Coatings

Our main field of experience lies in the X-ray analytical characterization of coatings. We offer X-ray Diffractometry and Reflectometry using state-of-the-art lab instruments. We are able to measure film densities, single layer thicknesses and homogeneity. Investigating microstructures is made possible by cooperating with partners in science and industry, as they use highly sophisticated analytical methods such as transmission electron microscopy (TEM) or scanning probe measurement (SPM). Figure left for example shows a TEM micrograph of a multilayer with a d-spacing of 1.4 nm and 500 layer pairs (courtesy by Prof. W. Jäger, University Kiel).

Our Expertise

The experience gained during many years as materials scientists enables us to produce different coatings comprising of many different materials, ranging from metals and alloys to ceramics. We have also gained experience with more than 50 different target materials as well as with different sputtering methods, including magnetron sputtering at different modes and ion beam sputtering. This enables us to find the best solution for your specific demands.

R&D projects

Research & Development plays an important role in our company. We are very interested in participating in projects on optics, metrology and coating technology. With more than 10 years of experience with various nationally and internationally funded projects we can be your industrial partner in funded projects or your partner for direct industrial cooperations. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are searching for a competent R & D-partner with specific know-how and a large network of experts.