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Useful accessories for our products

Many useful accessories are available for our product lines Montel optics, Göbel mirrors and IµS (Incoatec Microfocus Source).

  • Mirror housings
  • Motorized alignment tools
  • Beam monitors
  • Pumping unit
  • System adapters for all types of lab instruments (Bruker, Rigaku, Seifert, ...)


Optics housings

We offer special optics housings which perfectly match your needs. They are available either with manual or with motorized alignment tools. The housings can be evacuated with a pumping unit.


Control unit SMC500 and housing for Montel Optics with alignment motor


Useful tools for IµS

The Incoatec Microfocus Source is optionally equipped with an evacuated beam path and collimator unit with 4 degrees of freedom and 2 pinholes. Further, we offer alignment tools such as an x-ray beam camera, or a calibrated photodiode which the intensity can be maximized with and absolute flux measurements can be achieved.