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Company Brief

Incoatec was founded in 2002 by scientists as a spin-off of the GKSS Research Center in Geesthacht near Hamburg (today Helmholtz Center hereon GmbH) together with Bruker AXS in Karlsruhe, one of the leading manufacturers of X-ray Analytic Systems worldwide. Incoatec develops, produces and supplies components for X-ray analytical systems. These components include optics, mirrors, and microfocus sources for applications in x-ray diffraction, x-ray scattering, and x-ray spectrometry. Incoatec offer solutions for chemistry, pharmacy, semiconductor industry, heavy industry, life science and nanotechnology, enabling our customers to make better use of their resources and improve their results. Using extensive know-how in thin film technology together with in-house mechanical and electronic workshops, Incoatec are able to provide reliable, efficient and environment-friendly products: Made in Germany.


Synchrotron optics

Incoatec offers thin film coatings for all kinds of synchrotron optics for beam guidance, beam shaping and other beamline experiments. Our unique possibilities in deposition techniques allow us to produce single layer and multilayer coatings up to 150 cm in length with a large variety of material combinations and designs. Together with our synchrotron business partners we also offer a wide range of complete optics solutions such as:

  • Double crystal multistripe multilayer monochromators

  • 1D and 2D curved optics

  • Total reflection optics

  • 2D focusing, collimating or hybrid Montel optics

  • Coating for gratings


Incoatec offers total reflection optics consisting of highly-stable carbon, silicon carbide, tungsten, ruthenium or other materials, multilayer coatings up to 500 mm as well as multi-stripe optics. Many research centers worldwide use our know-how and our optics.

  • Our thin film optics are characterized by:

  • low figure error

  • low roughness

  • high reflectivity

  • high stability and high damage threshold


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