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Synchrotron Mirrors mady by Incoatec in Geesthacht

Nowadays, there is a large variety of thin film based reflective optics for home-lab X-ray instruments and synchrotrons. The most widespread optics at synchrotrons are total reflection optics, where a single layer reflects the incident beam under a very flat angle - typically below 2°. On the other hand, Bragg diffraction on single crystals was used for directing synchrotron beams. More and more multilayer optics are now also used for shaping and reflecting the synchrotron beam in a defined manner. Additionally the energy spectrum of the reflected beam can be strongly influenced. The reflection profile of the multilayer can be designed exactly to the user's requirements. The thickness of single layers is typically in the nanometer region, thus requiring perfection of a few tenth parts of a nanometer. By modifying the surface with a multilayer, a reflection of up to > 90% can be achieved. Perfect substrate surfaces are needed to enable perfect multilayer growth, consequently leading to high reflectivity.

We produce a wide range of Total-Reflection as well as Multilayer Optics for Synchrotron Applications. Many years of experience with different materials and optics applications enable us to offer the best solution for your specific requirements. We can produce Synchrotron Mirrors up to 150 cm in length.

100 cm Si mirror
100 cm Si mirror (Picture 1 of 8)

Simulation of Optics

At Incoatec we can advise you which optics would best suit your specific synchrotron application. We calculate:

  • X-ray Optical Properties: reflectivity and optical constants at required wavelengths and energies

  • complete beamline paths, configuration with incident beam and optics, beam profiles, divergences etc... using 3D ray tracing methods


Our core competence:

  • Total Reflection Mirrors

  • Special Carbon Coatings for VUV and FEL

  • Coatings for Gratings

  • Customer-specific Multilayer Mirrors

  • Simulation for optimized performance


We supply Zeiss, Germany with state-of-the-art optical coatings. Our synchrotron optics are successfully used in the FEL facility at the German synchrotron Hasylab, PSI Swiss-Light-Source, APS Argonne National Lab and other synchrotron facilities worldwide.