Microfocus XRD

The new Incoatec Microfocus Source


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IµSHigh Brilliance

The new Incoatec Microfocus Source

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With its outstanding performance the new Incoatec Microfocus Source

IμSHigh Brillianceraises the standard of low-maintenance sealed tube

solutions for crystallography. Compared to the classic IμS,

the IμSHigh Brilliance shows an increase in intensity of about 30 % for Cu, 50 %

for Ag and 60 % for Mo (Fig 1). The IμSHigh Brilliance perfectly matches the

new Bruker D8 crystallography solutions (Fig 2).


Fig 1 Fig 2

What´s new? The improved optical design makes it possible to produce more photons in the same small

spot. Tried and trusted, our state-of-the-art Quazar multilayeroptics are ideal for 2-dim focusing or

collimating. Of course, the IμSHigh Brilliance includes all familiar advantages of our previous IμS systems:

air-cooling, no movingparts, long lifetime without maintenance (3 years warranty). Furthermore, memory

chips are built into tube, tube mount and optics, recording the real-time status of the

components ("DAVINCI" design). These data allow for easier installation and change of components, and can

be assessed online, making remote diagnostics faster,

better and easier. The result is an absolutely reliable system. The IμS fulfills highest safety standards:

radiation safe, vacuum tested and fully compliant with Machinery

Directive 2006/42/EC.

The IµSHigh Brilliance and its new, fully redesigned HV generator IG350 (left). Further LED‘s, a new lamp design and improved safety features are typically for the tube housing of the new IµS (middle). Integrated memory chips store information provided by the manufacturer and during use (right).

With a peak flux density of more than 2*109 photons/(s mm2) the Mo-IμSHigh Brilliance enables scientists in

small molecule and highresolution crystallography to collectbetter data sets in shorter time. Measurements in

the Incoatec Application Lab with a Bruker D8 show an increase of more than 60 % in the diffracted intensity.

Two data sets (left) with statistics of an Ylid crystal (C11H10O2S, 0.16 x 0.12 x 0.12 mm3, 2s/0.5° exposure time, h0l layer) ) and section of the diffaction pattern (right)of the Ylid crystal recorded with anIμSHigh Brilliance (above) and a classic IμS (below).

The compact design makes the IμSHigh Brilliance an attractive component for many academic and industrial

research organizations to upgrade existing X-ray analyticalinstruments to cutting-edge performance.